Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aaaand...spring is upon us

Today was a fabulous day, so warm that I was working in my t-shirt, a bit scary considering we are still in winter. I am going to have to do a search of my bedroom and find my summer hat I think. It is predicted that we will get a whole week in the twenties.
I got busy planting all my beds of oca and Chinese artichoke, and I also gave in and sowed some kale and mizuna. At least I have enough of that seed that if they immediately bolt I still have seed for later.

This is J block at the moment. It is much barer than the picture suggests. All the greenery is made up of broad beans and celery.
The dead stuff is a bed of old sorghum that I haven't got around to pulling up yet. It is so hard to pull up the dead plants that I keep putting it off. I did notice that some of the sorghum plants have not completely died off. I didn't realise it was partially perennial, there are a lot of new shoots coming off the bases.

 Many of my fruit trees, and those deciduous trees about town are now starting to flower and put out new leaves.
This is a pic of the new buds growing on one of my avocadoes. I am still surprised at how well they are coping with both the winters and the boiling summers. Time will tell if the temperatures will effect fruit production though. I lost my Hass seedling last summer so I will have to get another so I can get fruit.
 My little doughnut peach it about to burst out in flower. It is still a tiny tree so I will just let one fruit develop this year. I am expecting all my fruit trees to grow hugely this spring as this will be their second year in the ground.
This is my neighbours pear tree just about to burst its flower buds. Too bad no-one in town can get pears as they grow too high to net and the cockies take all the fruit before it is even close to ripe.

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