Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Working while the sun shines

The last three days have been sunny, with some long awaited frosty mornings so, even thought the days have been cold I took advantage of the sun to get a heap of work done today. The last couple of days have been filled up with other things so today I spent the whole day in the gardens, well, after staying in till the frost melted away at least.
With the drier days drying out some of the beds it was a good opportunity to fix some up for spring.

First I started digging the bags of chook poo I bought a couple of weeks ago into some spare beds. I needed to get this done quickly as sunlight breaks down the nitrogen and I didn't want to waste it.

These beds were mostly in D block so this will also help with any residual nematodes. As I have written about before, the improvements in the beds here have really made a big difference in the root node nematode problem.

This bed of self sown silverbeet was so damaged by earth mites and snails that I decided to dig it in as a green manure crop. At least it has some use.

This bed is almost pure sand so this will help a lot in its fertility. I noticed that the bed had very few worms in it so I do need to add more stuff to the beds in this block (D Block).

Luckily, silverbeet prefers a lighter, low fertility soil and they do well on it.

Most of the afternoon was spent digging and replanting my seed potato beds. I managed to get 8 done and will try to get the rest done tomorrow if the predicted rain sets in late.

I was disappointed in the amount of potatoes in these beds. Usually I dig them twice a year with the biggest harvest in March but most of these beds were so poor that I barely had enough tubers to replant them. I did have enough left over though to take some to the landscape place in Hamilton to sell on Saturday.
I may have to add seasol when the plants shoot to get the microbes in the soil to help the fertility.

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