Monday, July 28, 2014

Spring fever comes early this year

The sun is shining and the days are a couple of degrees warmer, and a lot earlier than usual. This is the time of the year that I hate, the time I get itching to get out and plant, when every cell in my body is aching to sow seeds. Trouble is that I know that it is far too early.
To get rid of some of the excess energy I have been out every day digging and weeding, it helps and at least it stops me from spending too much on seeds.

My sister rang this morning and is suffering just the same. She has only just started growing vegetables and asked if this feeling struck every year. I had to tell her that it does, it will every year. Time to sort out the seeds for the thousandth time, lol.

I dug the last of the yacon today, and noticed that it is already shooting again, three months earlier than usual!! I can't plant it just yet though as the beds that I want to put it in this year are still too wet and the next two months are usually our wettest so I just can't chance it. The sets will just have to sit in pots and wait till I am ready, I hope they don't grow too much in the mean time. We still have some frosts to come so they might go dormant again.

I know that it won't be long till the trees are out in flower, the buds are swelling already so I bought a coddling moth trap for my two apple trees, it arrived in the mail today. I have also been cutting and putting together my shadecloth bed covers now that I have got the stuff for them at last. I realised today that I had forgot to buy the snap clamps to I got on Ebay and bought a couple of packets. My regular seller doesn't have them at the moment but luckily I found some from China. There are no other sellers of them on Ebay so I hope this seller continues to supply.

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