Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snails and water ribbons

I was trying not to use any chemicals this year but it just isn't working. I didn't spray the earth mites and I lost all my beet and lettuce relatives, and the snail traps just aren't keeping up with the snails.

Look at all the snail damage on all my kohlrabi. I am trying to save up enough money to get some chook tractors built to try and get the pest problems under control but there is always more important things to spend the money on, and I am also worried about them eating all my beautiful frogs.
I went out this morning and put some relatively safe snail bait down just so I can have some veg to sell later. Sigh.

My experiment with growing water ribbons in containers has been a failure. The roots just get so matted that it is impossible to separate them to get at the tubers. And the tubers are small as a result.
This mat of roots is so solid that leaving them out in the rain for a couple of weeks has not made any difference. I thought the rain would wash the dirt from the roots and loosen it a bit.
I think I will just have to go out and pick some from the wild if I want some for myself.

Water ribbons is a common native water plant that produces small tubers that are edible raw or cooks. They are much better cooked though, but even then they don't have much taste.

I think that I will just have to grow muntries and pigface as my Australian natives as they seem to the best for commercial production. I will try again with murnong and maybe I will have better luck this year.

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