Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More yacon growing

Ok, as promised here is some things I learned from this years yacon growing.

I left one plant in the ground from last year to see what they are like after two growing seasons. The results were not all what I expected, a bit disappointing really.

This is a picture of the 2 year old plant. It did grow much bigger than usual but had no more tubers than a single season plant. I am guessing that the tubers from last season rotted over last winter so there are only current season ones.

The plant was big though and produced a large number of growing sets, I separated over 25.
All in all it is not worth growing them for two seasons in this climate.

I harvested half of my last bed where the plants were shaded and on much better soil so they grew much better.

The tubers were not as numerous or big as I expected. I think I will go back to growing them on sandier soil next spring as the tubers seem to be bigger then.
I did notice that on this heavier soil they grew deeper so were a bit harder to harvest, but there were more growing points on the lower stems.

I think that I will grow in light soil for tubers or heavy soil for sets.

Separating your sets

 When you get a set you should divide it with a knife into separate root sets for replanting. Each set should have at least 3 growing buds. This set here can be separated into four.

If a single growing point falls off it will still make a plant but the more points, the bigger the plant, and so the more tubers you will get. Singles are ok but they will take longer to grow into a decent sized plant.

Here is a set with three good growing points.

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