Friday, July 4, 2014

Markets, swaps and nothing much else

After being harassed by my sister for not updating my blog I have to write something so here it is. Really, I haven't had a lot to do so I go out every morning and inspect all the blocks and spend an hour or so randomly pulling out weeds.
Last Sunday I went to the Nareen swap where afterwards we had a local lady speaking on her tour around Spain. We then had a lunch with heaps of food put on. It was a great day. She had stories of her career as a journalist as well as here farm where she not grows olives.

Here is one of the tables filling up as people come and place the stuff they have to swap. There was a good range of baked as well as fresh food, jams, sauces and empty bottles and egg cartons.

I came home with three packets of Rocky Road as well as some biscuits and eggs.

I started doing some digging today but with the rain bringing up all the worms to the topsoil I quickly had to stop as I was chopping too many of them up.
Oh well, with nothing much to do this time of year I am going to visit some friends over Geelong way for the next week (if my rolls of shadecloth arrive on Monday, otherwise I will have to chase them up as they are late) and then head north to visit my sister.

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  1. Are those poultry on the end of the table there? That is really cool, these vegie swaps you speak of sound like so much fun! I am sure your sister and her kids are wiggling and squirming with anticipation for your visit, she may even get her TV fixed for your arrival so you can watch McGuyver! And then you can weigh in with your valued opinion on whether she is planning to milk a hermaphrodite goat or not. Hmmm.