Friday, July 18, 2014

It's getting very wet

Usually it is not this wet for another month but already some of my beds are under water and the rest are very boggy. I can't walk on some of the paths as I would sink up to my knees so I have to leave those whole areas alone to avoid pugging the ground.

 Luckily most years I don't lose too many plants to the wet except potatoes which seem to rot easily. The water is not actually still, it is moving through the ground which keeps it fresh so roots don't rot easily. It just looks like it is sitting stagnant in puddles.

I always worry about the garlic beds when it is this wet but they always seem to keep healthy and I have never had them rot. They are much more rot-resistant and water loving than people think.

Luckily I learn't my lesson with the potatoes two years ago and they are all planted in my driest beds. Everything else will just have to cope. I see that the snow peas aren't handling it well and I hope they live until spring as I lost the spare seeds so I need the plants in the ground to provide me with more.

I am about to start working on my website while I have time, and make a new wiki since it looks like my wiki describing to my customers how to grow and cook everything I grow has gone under.
I have also joined Pinterest today to have a play with it. Here is my page/profile as it is at the moment:

I'm not sure if it is useful but I will see if it is interesting enough to keep at it.

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