Saturday, July 26, 2014

great market day

It was a beautiful day for the Hamilton market today. I sold out as usual and I wish I had been able to take more. I took quite a few things that people are not used to but after the 'normal' stuff like silverbeet and kale went, people started to take more of an interest in the mangelwurzels, yacon and kohlrabi.
I did bring a couple of kohlrabi and yacon back but sold everything else. The left overs will go to the Nareen swap tomorrow.
I had quite a few new customers this time and they were very keen so I think they will be back for future markets.

After the frosts this week my pepino plants are looking pretty poor so I had to pick all the ripening fruit off them. They were covered in huge fruits due to the lack of frosts up till now. Just about all the fruits weighed about a kilo. Luckily they are best picked a little unripe and ripened indoors.
I like growing pepinos and in a good year they really produce well but they ripen too late most years. I am going to plant seed next year and try to develop an earlier ripening plant over the next few years.

There was a New Zealand seller at the market today, selling foodstuffs imported from New Zealand. Wow, she was so happy to see some oca (NZ Yam) and bought my last little bag that I had left over from the last market. I really hope that I get a better harvest next year. I hope I have learned from the problems I had this year.

I have definately decided to go with my half acre of garlic next year. I have done a heap of research and talked to current growers and one that give up on it (due to weed problems and the work that goes with that). I have already organised the spraying (no I am not going 'organic' with this) and ploughing the block so I will now have to organise the mulch and seedstock. At least I have lots of time to get that done.

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