Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brrrr, too cold to do much today

We may not be getting our usual frosts but it is still colder than I am comfortable with. Brrrr, I barely stepped out of the house today, just enough to do my inspection rounds and pull a few weeds. I am so glad I don't live in those cold parts of the world where you have ice and snow for months. It got up to around 10C today and that was cold enough for me, though I know that that would be warm in many parts in winter.

Many of my potatoes are still growing since we haven't had many frosts. I am a bit unused to seeing them green at this time of year.
I still have to dig some up though as it is time to supply seed potatoes.

 Surprisingly some of my shrubs are starting to show flower buds, this is my poor little lime tree - yes it is a bit yellow but all citrus get yellow at this time of year. They can't absorb their nutrients well in the cold.
I also noticed that my yellow cherry guava is popping out flower buds also. It fruits twice a year and that may be why it is hardly growing. I am toying with the idea of taking off all the flowers now so it can put more energy into growing this spring.

Talking of spring, it will be upon me pretty quick now so I am getting restless already. I bought a few packets of new seeds from my favourite seed company (Baker Creek Seeds) today and I am going to check out some of the others shortly. At lease with my new plans limiting what I grow this year I will not have to force myself not to go overboard with my buying, oh, but I do love getting packets of seeds in the mail.

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