Sunday, June 22, 2014

Winter solstice and random ramblings

With the winter solstice last night it is time to start looking forward to longer days. Although we still have the worst of winter to come somehow it doesn't seem as bad when the days are getting longer. The solstice is always when I start to think of what I will be planting in spring, and the work to come.

 I decided not to spray the earth mite this year just to see if I could cope but now I have many empty beds because they decimated all my beets, lettuce and celtuce, as well as damaging most of everything else.
This is such a worry as I hate using sprays on them but they have no preditors in Aus and there are no good non-chemical controls.

At least I know I can get good crops of peas and reasonable crops of silverbeet though some of that was also decimated with them.
I have tried to cut their numbers by grubbing out their host plants like capeweed and clover but it is still not working well. I am just going to have to use sprays on them next spring or I can not make any profit at all.

Only two beds of silverbeet have mostly escaped the predations of the earth mite. This bed of pastels silverbeet and the plants that were planted amongst the amaranth.

 I have many beds of snow peas happily flowering and producing pods. At least I will have plenty of these through the winter and they sell very well at the markets.

Other winter veggies I will have for my tables are yacon, a few caulis and kohlrabi.
I wish I had more but I will just have to cope with what I have.

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