Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Winter hits, and lemons and murnong

Winter has hit hard yesterday and today with rain, storms and damaging wind. Yesterday the temperature did not get above 9 degrees, brrrrr.
During a quiet spell when the sun came out for 15 minutes, just enough to dry the polyhouse, I rushed out and put tape on a tear. I just can't afford to recover it at this time.

 It was way to nasty to go out and work and I knew I had to make a post on this blog so while the sun was out for a few minutes I took my camera out to take a couple of pictures of anything interesting I could find, which was not much.

I can't believe how loaded our little dwarf lemon tree is at the moment. It is covered with lemons and I will have to try and sell a bucket of them at the market on Saturday.
I think the tree is telling us that it liked the extra fertilising it got this year.

I have a tray of murnong seeds coming up. I hope I can get them going better this year as this is the last of the seed I have.
This native tuberous daisy has delicious tubers but I have found it hard to get going in the ground. It does much better in pots if you can keep the root woolly aphids from them, and they are very tempting to snails.
I will put them in two beds this spring and try growing with different conditions. I really want to be able to offer them at markets.

While I had nothing to do today, and with winter upon us I got stuck into organising my winter work. During the winter I earn money as a freelance writer online. I write product descriptions for websites. It is a good way to earn pocket money and a bit more, and stops me from getting bored.

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