Friday, June 27, 2014

Plovers and general stuff

What a glorious day today. I think nature was feeling sorry for us and letting us have a nice day before winter weather starts again tonight. I can already hear a few spots of rain on the roof.
I am thinking that I might not have a great day at the Hamilton market tomorrow. Unlike last year I am not inside in the warm, just under a shelter outside so the wind, cold and rain is going to deter people from coming out to buy. If it is too bad I will tell the people running the market that I will not be coming any more in winter if I am outside. The price of the stall, fuel and other expenses is too much if I don't get sales because of the weather.

I think it is because of the lack of frosts and the mild start to winter but the plovers have started laying eggs already. They are not waiting for spring this year so I am already feeling sorry for the chicks. I noticed today that the pair around the corner have already got their chicks out.
I am already getting swooped as I work and I guess that I will have to put up with that a lot longer this year. At least they don't often make contact, though last year one seemed to miscalculate a lot and I got a few hits. I might have to make a hat this time with eyes drawn on the back. They won't swoop if they think you are looking at them.

I have managed to gather enough for my stall tomorrow with some yacon, ova and other tuberous vegetables. At least if people don't come out in the rain tomorrow I will be able to hold them till next month.

I am keeping my beds of potatoes till later in the winter so I have enough stuff to take then, and my mother will have some flowering cyclamen to add to the tables to fill them up. I think I will have to take a month or more off in spring if I don't have enough then. I remember that it was a struggle last spring.
With all my beets destroyed by the earth mites I don't have a lot that will hold till spring.

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