Saturday, June 21, 2014

Not again - misnamed seeds

I have been impatiently nurturing my pignut (Conopodium majus) seedlings for the past year but lately have been having doubts about them. The just weren't looking right, from not dying down in summer to the bushy growth they just didn't fit the pictures on websites.

 I thought that perhaps the better soil and growing conditions were causing the lush growth but it was still doubtful so I dug one up today to check for sure.

Pignuts have a single root leading to a small tuber but as you can see, these plants have a mass of fibrous roots. Damn. I have no idea what they are now.

I just bought another packet of seeds of Ebay but I suspect that it is from the same seller as the last lot. I think I will go onto some forums to ask for some true seed.

This was very disappointing as they tubers are supposed to be very tasty and I was looking forward to tasting them.

I hate it when this happens, it wastes a lot of time and effort.

I replanted the plant I dug until I can find out what they really are just in case they are useful in some way.

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