Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kurrajong and more oca

I did a heap of odd jobs today that I had been getting around to doing for ages. I rolled up the hoses out of the way, put in a few more posts to stop the hoses being dragged over the beds, and replanted my poor, suffering raspberries into new beds with better soil.

 I dug my good bed of oca to sell at the market. Most of the tubers were too small and the mice had got into all the plants on the edge of the bed so the only plants to do any good were those in the middle. At least those produced well at around one kg or more of tubers each.
I ended up with only this bucket of tubers to sell but at least it is something.

Finely, after 8 months my kurrajong seedlings are ready to pull. They are not as thick as baobab seedlings and have taken twice as long to get to carrot size, but at least they are not yet tough in the middle.

I peeled this one and sauteed it in a basic honey soy sauce. It was nice but took too long to cook so I will boil or microwave them first before frying next time.

I am not sure whether I will bother to plant more in spring as the time it takes for them to grow doesn't make them very cost efficient, especially if I were to charge my customers for the time and extra looking after. I doubt they would pay the price, even for something so unusual.

They don't have a lot of taste but still are a nice ingredient for stews and such. The seeds are delicious too when fried.

It is going to be cold and showery tomorrow so I don't know that I will get much done.

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