Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm back again - aren't you glad!!

I know it hasn't been three weeks camping like I had hoped but at least I did get a bit done. It started to rain three days ago and wasn't going to stop for a few more days, and I figured that I could put my time to better use than sitting under my tarp waiting.

I thought that I didn't have much to say regarding my camping, but when I thought about it, all the little things add up to a whole experience, so let me tell you about all that I did during this week and a half as well as the week I did last month.

 I walked through lonely pine plantations, through blue gum plantations, and through natural forests filled with wildlife galore. I saw thousands of animals but not a single one allowed me to take its picture :(

I saw kangaroos, wallabies, emus, foxes and many more, and the kookaburras alerted me every day to the sun coming up and going down.
 I wiped my bum with large and soft leaves, more of a pleasure than with the most expensive toilet paper, but I also had a back up of nice flushable wipes which break down in the environment quickly.

I got blisters a quarter the size of my feet, and lost two toenails because I had to crush my feet into my boots with two thick pairs of socks just so I could walk on my blisters.

I washed my clothes and myself in public places in dirty dam water.
I was at times cold, wet, hungry, curious, tired, sore, and bored.
I drank out of puddles and tanks and spouts.

I walked where I wanted, when I wanted with no-one to tell me what to do. I was free.

I found a little lost dog in the forest and had to walk 5 km to 'The pub in the scrub', a tiny pub in the middle of nowhere to leave it so they could find the owner.
The pub is in a little place called Derghum that used to be a town but nearly all the houses there are now abandoned and falling down. Only a few people live there now.

I slept under trees, in sheds and out in the open, watching the stars.
With 14 hours of darkeness at this time of year, I had plenty of time to think while I lay in bed. I thought about how so many governments tried to get people to search an area for a lost aeroplane (MH 370) that could not possibly have gone down there and why they would do that. Maybe it was a very embarrassing case of friendly fire or something.
I would not have taken any notice of a lost plane but they way they handled it was so suspicious, and the people thay have tried to hush up was very suspicious.I have another theory but that can wait.

I took pictures of fungi, and trees, and birds nests. I took my new little camera that can fit in my pocket.

I wondered about the decades old rumours of feral puma living in these parts but I have to say that I don't believe them as I have never seen or heard any sign in all my years of camping in the area.
At least if one had come upon me caming in the open, the big cats kill their prey before eating it, not like members of the dog family who eat their larger prey alive. I'm glad we don't have packs of wild dogs around here.

 I ate two minute noodles, road kill and lots of muesli bars. I longed for a salad sandwich. The kangaroo was nice but I wish I had some seasonings to put on it.

I took a notepad and crossword book and learned to write with the Quenya (High Elven from lord of the rings) alphabet. I did the whole crossword book in Quenya.
Learning new things whenever you can is important for the mind and soul.

I had time to think about what I would do if I had a million dollars, well, a million dollars doesn't go far these days, so maybe 3 or 4 million.
I don't have an interest in money so I would use it to help people who can't help themselves - have a safe place for homeless people to sleep, or help women get away from abusive partners and start a new life. I know there are places for those people but they are too busy and turn people away, and I don't think they generally do a good job, or offer what those people actually want, and they are not as safe as you would like to think. Anyway, I will never see that kind of money so no need to think any more about it.

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