Friday, June 20, 2014

Early broad beans and raspberries

It was not a really nice day today with cold weather and showers so after a couple of quick jobs I spent the morning in Mt Gambier before coming home to visit a friend and take some pics for this blog post. It doesn't look much better for the rest of the week but I will still have to go out and do some work or I will end up looking like an elephant.

I am disappointed that all my broad beans are flowering early. They should not start till spring and I just hope they survive till then and flower again.

I only bought a few seeds of these two, a red flowering one and a red beaned one so I hope I don't have to buy some more. I think I might have to replant all my beds unless my research shows that thei early flowering won't hurt them.

I think that if these flowers do set seed, which I doubt, they will be ruined by any frosts we get during the winter, as well as the rain in the next couple of months.

They are only around 30cm tall so even if they do set seed they will not produce much, sigh.

This morning I quickly planted out two beds of raspberries in beds that I just took the yacon out of. In the spring when they start shooting I will add some manure to the soil but it is still pretty fertile so I am not worried.

This is better soil that they were in so I am hoping that they do better in the summer as I just about lost them over the last two summers.
Before spring I will put up some trellis for them and some posts and shadecloth to preotect them in the burning sun this year so I can get some fruit.

I love raspberries but they are a bit tender in the heat.

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