Sunday, May 18, 2014

Well so much for my three weeks in the bush, *sigh*
I had to come home early because of the unusually warm weather because I have to start watering again. Our daytime average temps for this time of year is around 15 C but at the moment it is up around 22 C.

Ok, so I have been busy weeding as the warm weather has got the weeds going gangbusters, pity it is not the same with the veg. I am still having a lot of trouble getting them germinating and I cannot see what has been eating the germinating seedlings.

I harvested my meagre supply of water chestnuts today. This is all I got as the summer cooked them all.
Next spring I will bury the tubs in the ground and put shade over them which should make a big difference.

Although I don't have enough to eat, I have plenty to replant later and to sell as plants in pots.

I also dug up some American Groundnuts today. I will start calling them by their traditional name 'Hopniss' from now on as many people call peanuts 'groundnuts' and it could get confusing.

You can see here the difference between 2 year old and 1 year old tubers. I expected the older ones to be bigger than they are but considering the pitiful year for my tuberous veg I won't be judging them on performance this year.

 I think I will have enough for a meal or two as well as for reselling so at least they will pay for their space.
I think that next spring I will plant three beds and harvest one each year so I am always harvesting the biggest three year old tubers.

I am trying to get some tubers of other varieties before this spring so I will have a few to test out for productivity.

My yacon and oca are starting to die down but this warm weather has slowed them  so I will be digging them in the next month. I will not be getting the harvest I wanted from them either which is very disappointing but I plant to change the growing conditions over next summer to try and sort outt he problems.
One of the main problems with the oca over the summer was that the watering on hot days tended to rot them off so I will limit the watering on the hottest days over 35 C or maybe any days over 30 C and see how that goes.

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  1. Hi Rowan,

    I grew waterchestnuts in small 10L buckets this year and got a huge harvest of between 70 and 300 per bucket (smaller numbers produced larger and better corms). I would have expected your larger tubs to be far better for a number of reasons. Mine started to die in the heat so I moved them under the shade of some trees. They picked up and grew like crazy after that. Perhaps try to grow some in shade as well as burying the tubs. Growing floating plants such as duckweed and azolla with them helps to cast shade and cool the water and soil.