Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rain, glorious rain

It rained steadily yesterday and last night with gave us a total of nearly four inches over the last week. This is unusual for this time of year but very welcome. The better rain doesn't usually arrive for another two months with just enough showers to keep things a bit damp until then the norm.

I should be able to put away the hoses now if I am lucky.

I visited Merino to sell some of my veg at the shop this morning but it was so wintery and miserable that I didn't sell much so my block owners got a nice surprise. The rest of the afternoon was spent reading inside as it was too cold and wet to do anything outside. For the last two or three days is hasn't got over 10 C. We seem to have gone straight into winter which is a bit of a shock but at least there is a bit of a green tinge on the hills so it is looking great when you look out.

After I take seeds to sell at the Portland market next Saturday I think I will put on my backpack and go bush for three weeks to lose a bit of weight. The winter is my down time, just picking for the markets. It is too cold for seeds to germinate and the weeds are not growing as fast.
It tends to be a boring time of the year but I have plans to do a lot of visiting of friends this year. I will also get busy into scambaiting again as it is so much fun.

Sorry, no pictures today, I just didn't get around to going out this afternoon to take any. I'll be sure to take some for my next post.

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