Friday, May 9, 2014

Having a break for a few weeks

I have decided to go 'bush' for three weeks after the market tomorrow so I won't be able to update the blog till I get back. I will go to the Portland market tomorrow and head off later. I need to have this break now for a number of reasons:

1, With no mental stimulation I can actually feel by brain turning into mush.
2, I am only taking my backpack so I am going now to avoid the worst of winter. I could go later but that would mean carrying a heavier backpack which I probably couldn't cope with in my very unfit condition.
3, I need to use my wilderness survival skills since I haven't been out in the bush for a couple of years - doesn't time fly. I have also started working on a side project that involves work that I used to do years ago and which means that I might need these skills in the future. My need for stimulation means that I could be doing things that might need this if I am not to end up dead or in jail, lol.

I am dreading coming back in a few weeks to the weeds which are under control at the moment but I am sure they will notice my absence and put on a majestic growth spurt for me to deal with, and the other thing I am dreading is my email inbox. Oh well, I will cope with that when the time comes.

Make sure you come back later to continue reading about my gardening adventures.

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