Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Harvest time again - well, sort of

Usually I love this time of year when everything is ready to harvest and I can see everywhere the bounty that nature provides but this year the harvests have been scant, which is still a bit of an exaggeration. I am thinking that the only vegetable that I will have to sell during the winter will be silverbeet. Lucky I packaged up so many seeds for the Portland market, they will be what I will be selling for the next few markets I think.

For some reason I just can't get the productivity that I should be getting, everything is always going wrong and it is getting very frustrating.

 My little yellow cherry guava hasn't grown much in the past year but at least it tries hard and gives a great harvest for its size.
I love theses. They are sweet and the seeds are not nearly as hard as its cousin the red cherry guava and it bears twice a year.

I was planning a great oca harvest this year but today I had to pull up all the tubers in two beds as they were being decimated by cockchafer grubs. With my mistake with watering them too well in the summer there wasn't much to bring home.

At least I got enough to replant next year. I still have one bed still dying down which seems to have a good lot of tubers. That bed was planted a lot later with potted plants that I didn't want to throw away so I will try planting the tubers a lot later than usual to see if that helps with next years crop.

I was relieved to be able to find a small handful of my cream coloured tubers. It isn't much but maybe they will produce better next time. Maybe one of my seedling plants will be better in our summers if I am lucky.

I had to pick my first cob of Giant White corn as the insects were getting at it. it is too early but I would have lost it anyway if I had just left it.
It was not fertilised well because it formed well before all the others and there was only one male flower in the bed.
I have a couple more cobs forming on the other plants which might ripen before the plants die. I am not sure yeat if I will bother replanting them as they only have one cob per plant and take so long to grow. It really isn't worth the space, time or water.

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