Wednesday, April 16, 2014

With the weather getting cooler I have started transplanting some of my tender South American vegetables to the polyhouse. It is difficult to get the growing conditions right. I have tried growing them outside with shade in summer and a polytunnel in winter but with the move to the bigger polyhouse I won't be digging them for a year so I hope the summer in there is not too hot. In their native areas they don't get the sort of heat we do.

 Here are the aracacha plants (Arracacia xanthorrhiza) that I managed to get through last winter, well I got two plants through but some of these are offshoots of those plants.
I am really hoping that putting them in the polyhouse will allow them to grow properly and produce roots so I can taste them. So far they haven't produced any roots, just offsets.

They are supposed to taste like a cross between carrot and celery.

This raised bed now contains Cocoyam ( Xanthosoma sagittifolium ). It has the same problems as the aracacha but I managed to get two plants to produce tubers although with only two I wasn't game to eat them. Maybe next year.
I only have one bed filled yet but I have 3 more plants to dig with their offsets so that will fill up most of the rest of the raised beds. The other beds will be filled with some other frost sensitive plants like pepino and lemongrass.
I have also put in a piece of my achira/edible canna (Canna indica) plant to see if it does better inside or outside in the winter.

My polyhouse is not very warm as it doesn't have doors on the ends, just openings but it always stays just above frost temps which is what I want.

I managed to finish dividing all my rhubarb today. I have so many plants now that I don't know if I am going to be able to sell it all when it comes back into production. I did put about 30 or so into growbags to sell at the Co-Op shop and the markets in winter witch will get rid of those.

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