Saturday, April 5, 2014

The rain moths are back

I actually meant to write about this a few days ago when the sun moths came into town on their yearly mating and egg laying frenzy.

On the first week of April every year the town wakes up every day to these large moths (Trictena atripalpis) all over the footpaths. The larva feed on red gum roots and since our town is surrounded by forests we get a huge influx.

They are full of protein, fats and other nutrients so the local small native animals, birds, as well as cats and rats have a feast at this time. They were a food of local Aborigines also.
The larva are called Bardi grubs and are huge. They are famous as bait for Murray Cod fishing but are also a great native wild food, but you have to know how to eat them or you will be so sick you will wish you had died, lol.

Many people spend time bardi grubbing to catch the grubs for fishing. There are special rods available but traditionally you use a reed with a knot tied at the end to poke down the deep, metre long hole under the trees and pull up the grub when it bites the knot. Of course it is harder than it sounds.

Today I went to Merino to sell some veg. I didn't have much but luckily there weren't many people there so it was just enough. At least I paid for my petrol and some cups of hot chocolate at the shop.
When I got home I got busy with some watering and sowing scorzonera, radish and kohlrabi seed. Not really exciting but it kept me busy.

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