Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stem mustard and pepinos

Sorry I haven't added any posts for a few days, I did mean to do it yesterday but got called away.

My ourside pepinos have a heap of fruit on them but unfortunately they are too late again this year as we are expecting a frost tonight and they are way too green to try and ripen indoors. They are always very late to ripen their fruit but this past two years the frosts have come before they could.
At least I know that they ripen a lot earlier in the polyhouse so I will just have to grow them in there from now on.

I have collected some seeds and maybe I could try to select for earlier fruiting if I grow some from seed. I will give it a go next spring.

This year one of my new vegetables is 'Stem Mustard'. it looks great, similar to kohlrabi, and apparently doesn't taste 'mustardy' at all so it should go down well with my customers. It has a heap of names like Zha cai, and Cha tsai.

Below is a picture that I have taken off the internet to show you what it looks like when picked, if you own to pic please let me know if you want me to take it off.

Apparently it is usually pickled, like most brassicas in Asia, but it is often used in soups and stir fries also. Unfortunately the seeds didn't come up very well but I will have enough to taste and for seed.

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