Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seedling potatoes and cyclamen

After a bit more of an inch of rain yesterday everything is looking green and wonderful. It looks like I may not have to water again until November with rain predicted every few days for the next week or so and it is already feeling very wintery. I have already started wearing my skivvies and my scarf every day. It feels great.
The weeds are flourishing which also means that the veg are also growing. Apart from a couple more beds of broad beans that is the end of my planting as it is getting too cold for the seedlings to come up or grow, and if I plant any later anything that is ready to pick in early spring will just bolt instead. I really hope I have enough stuff for the winter now.

My little seedling potatoes have died down so I emptied the pots to see how they went. The tubers are little and few but I kind of expected that from seedlings and they were also in small pots which didn't help. I will plant out the tubers in the spring to see how they grow then. I did have 5 seedlings but one was so tiny and miniature that it only produced one, pea sized tuber. I might plant that just for curiosities sake.

I wish I had a bit more variety in the tubers but I will try and get some true seed from coloured potatoes next spring to fix that problem now that I know how easy they are to grow from true seeds.

 I have shown you pictures of my parents beautiful fuchsias but they also grow cyclamen from seed. They are really easy to grow from seed and my folks are thinking of throwing out a heap of them as they have too many seedlings in pots taking up room.

They are just starting to flower now and look great on a table out the back of the house. The other hundred or so plants are sitting in the shadehouse. I will try to sell some at the local markets.

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