Saturday, April 26, 2014

Peppermint stick celery and market day

Went to the Hamilton market today. It was cold and rainy which is a bother now that I am stuck at an outside stall. I wish I was back in my old place in front of the wood heater in the main hall *sigh*.

I picked my first couple of bunches of 'Peppermint stick' celery to take. It is not a bad celery but a bit stringy and I am hoping the stalks get a bit bigger as the plants mature.
I think I will make the effort to hill them up (blanch) them next time I grow them as the colour unblanched is a bit blah, not quite green and not quite red, just a dirty, green/browny pink. Apparently the stripes and colour is a lot better when blanched. It does have good flavour though.
At least it went quickly. I love that about Hamilton, even though it is a country town everyone is happy to try new things.

Tomorrow is the Nareen produce swap. I will have to scout around for a few things to take as I sold out today. I have been talking to another produce seller at the market who was telling me about how good the Portland markets are so I am going go there on the 10th of May to sell my seeds. I am going to have to pull my finger out to get a lot more seeds in packets for it. I just hope I have enough seed to put in packets.
She said it is very busy and although Portland is 100km away it should be worth it.

With the weather turning cold now I am hoping that I will have enough veg for the winter, especially now that many of the seedling beds are half empty as there was something eating all the seedlings as they came up. I think it was crickets. It is getting a bit late now to put anything in but I might have to risk reseeding some of those beds anyway. I should be able to start digging the yacon and oca within the next few weeks.

And just because my father insisted that I take a photo of the young golden ash that he planted out the front of the house a few years ago, here it is. He wanted a picture of it in its glory before all the leaves dropped off.

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