Friday, April 11, 2014

Kohlrabi and eggplants

I was going to start buying the stuff to cover all my veggie beds a bit at a time till I have them all covered by summer so I ordered a roll of polypipe and a panel of weldmesh to get started but I ordered the wrong size of pipe. I took it back to get a roll of 25mm but they are out and are not going to order any more for another month.
Lucky I don't really need it for another 6 months so I don't need to worry just yet. I was hoping to spend the day getting the hoops ready but since that wasn't going to happen I just weeded instead.

My couple of beds of kohlrabi have recovered from the awful attack of white butterfly and are starting to grow now. I really have to get another couple of beds in for the end of winter when I start to run out of stuff for the markets.

I love kohlrabi and am trying to get more interest in it by my customers. The main problem is they don't know how to prepare and cook it, which is the problem with any vegetable they are not familiar with.
It will take time but I'm sure they will start asking for it specially after they eat it. I always put out some small signs to give a brief idea on how to cook unfamiliar produce which helps a lot.

My eggplants didn't bear very well this year, just like all the summer veg but I did get a few and left some on the plants for seed. When they are ripe (too late for eating) they turn yellow/brown and that is when you can collect the seeds. This one is nearly there.

I am not fond of eggplant myself but I sold all the ones I did pick so I will continue to grow them every year. I think, since they did well, that I will try a few different varieties to make a nice and colourful display.

I am a bit sad that all the rain they were predicting didn't eventuate but we did get some cool weather the last few days with a light shower or two. It was enough that I didn't have to water for three days but I will be back into it tomorrow.


  1. Hey Rowan, I really liked the info on when to harvest the eggplant for seed. I didn't realize you are supposed to wait till that specific point in their growth. Any more info you throw into your blog in the future about harvesting times for seed in various plants I would much appreciate.

    On an unrelated note, I think you should grow white mustard for seed. Hint, hint.

    How long did it take your kohlrabi to get to that stage in the pictures?

    1. I will try to add seed saving info in most of my posts just for you, lol. The kohlrabi are a couple of months old. I will be letting them grow much larger (these are 'Gigante' which get very big without going woody) for winter markets.