Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another month gone, the year is flying by

Sorry, I was going to post last night but I was called away. Oh well, it is a few days into April now and Autumn is really showing its face now. The trees are turning and things are starting to die back.

Powdery mildew is not much of a problem around here, it only shows up right at the end of the season when everything is ripe anyway so I don't worry about it.
Once it shows (this is a leaf from my gourds) there is still a few weeks of growth left as it attacks the oldest leaves first.

The tendrils on the gourd fruits are going brown so they are ripe, just maturing now and will start to dry and go mouldy when the frosts kill of the plants.

The parrots have finished stripping all the grain from the sorghum and are just finishing what is left of the sunflower seeds.

They are eating too much of my stuff now so I will have to work out a way to cover and protect some of my crops from them next year. The plants are too tall to easily net so I will have to make some sort of frames for some beds.
Luckily I did drape some insect netting on some of the sunflowers and got some seed before the wind blew it off and the parrots and sparrows ate all the seed.

 All the onion family beds are greening up now with the garlic, shallots and perennial leeks all sprouted and growing strongly.

I started sowing broad beans today and did some more dividing of rhubarb. I bought some plastic growbags off Ebay to put a heap of divisions in to take to the shops to sell.

I also spent a few hundred dollars getting more stuff for the bed covers. If I buy a bit at a time I will have all the beds done before next summer.

I did some of my paperwork this afternoon and worked out that my business is just breaking even now so I should be making enough by Christmas to be able to give myself a wage. It is so good to see that it will be making a profit soon.

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