Monday, April 28, 2014

And out go the tomatoes

There hasn't been much happening over the last couple of days since I posted last. Yesterday I went to the Nareen produce swap but there was no-one there with eggs so I came home with a bag of apples and a couple of trays of slices. There was an average crowd of around 30 adults and a handful of children. I love watching the children swapping. It is a great way for them to learn negotiation skills.
I swapped one kid a few tomatoes for one of their hand made bracelets. I don't wear jewellery but I always support the kids, well, everyone really. That is the great thing about swaps, it is about sharing so if someone wants something of yours and don't have anything to swap, you just give it to them. It is all so friendly.

After the frost the other night my tomatoes are had it so I have started pulling them out.
This is a row of 'Big white pink stripe'. They didn't do any good this year so it was a pleasure to pull them.

The bed looks so much better without the tomatoes and after being dug. It now has broccoli seedlings in it.
As you can see, I deliberately leave some of the fruit that dropped off while pulling so that they can grow next year. It is so much easier having them come up by themselves rather than growing seedlings in trays, and they tend to come up at the right time for them.

 The frosts knocked the yacon about. I am looking forward to the next few frosts to kill them off so I can dig them for the next Hamilton market.

I think I will take a few growing sets to the Portland market next month also. I have started to bag all the seeds I will need for that one. I hope I sell enough to make up the cost of the extra fuel.

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