Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tiny Tim tomato and clean blocks

Another beautiful day for working so I got busy digging and planting. I planted out my saffron bulbs and some seeds, just waiting on some more plants from Ebay now. I should dig some more beds down the back of J block but I have been too lazy up til now. I will have to get off my butt soon though 'cause in a few months it will be too wet to do it easily.
I decided to buy some Dogs Tooth lily plants on Ebay as I read that the tubers/bulbs are edible and tasty. I am starting to run out of easily accessable new plants to try :(  but I also bought some new Asian vegetable seeds which I can't think of the name of at the moment after reading about it on a Facebook post.

I planted out a single Tiny Tim tomato this season. I really wasn't going to but I had one come up and I didn't want to waste it. The reviews of the taste aren't terrific but I have to admit the tiny birds nest-like plant is cute.
This first tomato should be ripe for tasting tomorrow so I will see if it will be worth planting next year.

Sorry about the picture, I didn't realise that the reason my last few pictures have been blurry was because I had the manual focus on. It is fixed now so you won't get a headache from looking at my pictures now.

At last my blocks are looking clean and tidy. I have pulled out all the plants that I have collected seeds off and it will be a while before the weeds start growing. I am enjoying it but it is a pity that any visitors I get will wait now till the blocks look awful again.

It won't last but I have a few weeks at least till we get a hint of rain that will make the weeds grow. Everything is so dry but at least I have town water, it is expensive but I can keep things alive over the summer. I have to admit that I have it better than some people who have to rely on tank water so they have none spare for a garden.


Look, I found out how to put some emoticon thingys on the blog!!

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  1. Well? To Take your Talks on a Tangent, do Tell what did Tiny Tim Taste like?