Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shallots and stuff

Today I set up a tale at the tiny Henty car boot sale. I go to support a local community activity but I never sell much. It is a fun day anyway and it was nice weather. I never sell much veg there so I just took some melons that wouldn't keep till the Hamilton market next Saturday, and some odds and ends from the garage.

There was a stall selling some herbs and veg and it had a basket of these nice pink shallots.
After comparing them to my skimpy little golden shallots I ended up buying the whole basket.
If they are nice (I kept some for roasting) I think I will drop my goldens for these as they are so much bigger.

When I got home I immediately planted out two beds of them. I will have a lot of shallots when I dig them next summer but at least I haven't planted as many goldens as I did last year.

I have a few beds to dig and resow so I will get onto that tomorrow. I keep looking at my broad bean seeds and itching to get them in. I know it is a few weeks early but it won't hurt. Planting early just means that the plants will be bigger when they ripen their seeds and harder to keep from falling over.

I guess I will have to find another bed for garlic as I was a bit naughty and bought some more from Diggers (Yeah, I don't like them but they have a good range of garlic varieties). I should have slapped my hand before pressing the checkout button. Really, how many varieties of garlic do I need?

I will have to go out tomorrow and see what I will have ready for the market on Saturday. With the white butterflies devitating my brassicas I might have to get some watermelons and pumpkins out of the garage.

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