Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seedling stuff

Today at 35 C was a bit hot to more than just the watering in the morning and evening so I just printed out some seed labels to packet up some seeds tomorrow. I have been selling seeds so fast lately that I am having trouble keeping up. I really have to start saving more from each patch.

I was checking out some of my tender seedlings in my little shadehouse while I watered.

These are some of the oca seedlings that I have growing. I managed to get about 20 seeds germinated but many of them died when I pricked them out into bigger pots. I was obviously not careful enough.

The 8 or so that are growing are still only about 10cm tall which is not big enough for them to produce tubers. Since it should be another month before the frosts start I hope they will get to the 20-25cm that they need to be big enough to tuberise. I do have 2 seedlings from the first batch of seeds that are big enough though.

If these don't grow fast I will have to put them in the polytunnel and hope for the best.

I tried some true potato seed this season as an experiment. I got a few seedlings up but only 5 survived the pricking out - yeah, I will have to be more patient and careful, lol. Because potatoes have polyploidi (they have more than one set of genes) there is a lot of variations in seedlings, which makes it hard to set traits but fun to find surprises. I can already see that there are three different leaf types in these five seedlings.

I also hope these will be big enough before the frosts to tuberise.

The summer was too hot for my own potatoes to set seed, the heat makes them abort their flowers and seed pods, so I had to buy in some seed. Maybe later in the year I can harvest some true seed from my coloured varieties of potatoes.

Luckily we are getting a few cool days before it heats up again so I will get some digging done tomorrow.

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