Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More on chufa and blog stats

Because I am stupidly curious and impatient I decided to dig up a few sickly, small chufa plants from J Block. These plants are already starting to die off so I figured that they wouldn't make many more tubers anyway. For some reason these plants never really took off like the few I got up in the Back block.

So, I dig them up and was surprised to see the amount of tubers under them. I am really looking forward to getting to the larger plants in a couple of months.

I have put the tubers away for drying so I can replant them in November. Now I know how to grow them properly after a bit of research I will be able to grow heaps as well as provide growing stock for customers.

I am so looking forward to supplying these tubers so people can make their own Horchata, and they can also be ground to a flour. They are delicious for eating raw and cooking with too. They are supposed to be nutritious but I must look up their nutritional values after I finish writing this

Added: I found this source of info:

On another thought, I occasionally check my blog stats to see how many people are reading this blog and am surprised to see that most of my traffic comes from Russia. C'mon people, if you are a reader from Russia please tell me how you came by my blog. I am just interested :)

And to my other readers, let me know what you think, I love comments and to hear about what you are doing with your own food plants. Don't be shy.  /hihi


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