Monday, March 10, 2014

Giant corn

I bought and planted a small packet of 15 seeds of Peruvian giant white sweetcorn in November and they are just starting to flower now. This, and my black waxy corn, were the only varieties of corn to do any good this year

 These are 3 metres tall, a bit smaller than the packet suggests they grow but I am happy with their size especially considering the poor growing year. I was expecting them to blow over in the high winds we had a while ago but they took it in their stride.

With their long growing season I half expected that I wouldn't get any ripe cobs from them but it looks like I might just get them in on time before the first frosts.

These are the male flowers. I can just see a couple of female ones popping out of the stems so it won't be long and I hope I get a few good cobs from them. This experiment seems to be working so I might buy some more seeds to plant with the ones I get off these plants and grow a couple of beds next spring..

With the other sorts of colourful corn I will grow next year I think I will have a nice display on my market stalls.

I always swear not to grow corn as it is so wasteful of space and time but if I grow some ornamental sweetcorn I will at least be able to get my money back selling seeds as well as having a talking point wherever I go.

 I have noticed lately that the cobs on my waxy (glutinous) corn are growing to fast to be contained in their husks. Although this is interesting and I can see the kernels growing it is leaving them open to being preyed upon by harlequin beetles which are giving them a severe battering.

I generally don't have much of a problem with these beetles but I notice that their numbers are up this year and they are ruining a lot of my tomatoes.

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