Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fun zucchini types and chufa in Autumn

If you have keeping up with my blog regularly you might remember that last year I got one 'Golden' zucchini plant with fruit that was a different shape which I saved seeds from to try and breed a new variety with that shape. I grew 5 plants from that plant and every plant has a different fruit and leaf colour/shape. I have no idea what genes got mixed into that one plant but I have been having fun with its seeds this year.

Out of the 5 plants I chose two that had interesting, and tasty, enough fruit to continue with a fun breeding project.
I have blogged about one of those plants, my very ugly fruited one that I am considering calling "Butt Ugly', and this one which is half yellow and half blue.

I will keep the seeds separate and try to stabilize them so the fruit is consistent. Honestly, I don't have enough sensibility of taste to tell the difference between zucchini varieties, they all taste the same to me so as long as they taste and cook the same as the others I will be happy to concentrate of the fruit colour and shape as well as plant toughness.

I had a terrible time getting the chufa to shoot so I was happy to get 6 plants in each of the two beds I planted them in this year. The ones grown under shadecloth are doing very well, they are big, bushy and healthy but the ones out in the sun are piddly little things.

I was surprised to note that they don't look like they will flower in this climate, which may be a good thing. There is no sign of any flower spikes so far. I understand that in cooler, shadier conditions that it won't flower but with our hot summer I thought it would.

I dug up and ate a little tuber a few days ago and it was very good, I can't wait to try Horchata (a traditional drink made with the ground tubers mixed with water, sugar and cinnamon, ) if I get enough to eat. I really hope they do better next year as I think they will be a popular food plant when better known.

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