Friday, March 14, 2014

End of the hot weather I hope

It could be just wishful thinking but I am thinking that today might have been the last of the hot weather adn I am looking forward to the harvest of some of the cold weather veggies such as yakon and oca.

Today I picked my meagre harvest of black sweetcorn. The pods are small and not well pollinated but at least I have some seed for next year, same with the multicoloured sweetcorn. I will have to buy some more seed of each to have enough genetic diversity to enable me to continue to collect and then sell seed later, but it is a start. The colours are fun.

The other corns that are yet to ripen are my black glutinous, giant white peruvian and the multi-coloured corn that is either dent or flour, I don't know which kind of corn it is yet.

Today in the mail I got a box of plastic jars for storing my seeds as well as a couple of trout lily (dogs tooth lily) bulbs which I planted out. The bulbs of the trout lily (Erythronium dens canis) is supposed to be tasty though they are very small. I also have a couple of bulbs coming of a slightly bigger variety with bigger bulbs. I am not sure if they will work out to be worth growing with such tiny bulbs.

My melons are suddenly coming ripe all at once which is a bit of a pain as I don't have a market for another two weeks. One bed of Noir Des Carmes all ripened today, they ripen very quickly. That is about 20 melons that I have to eat or find a home for in the next couple of days. These delicious melons just don't keep. Oh well, my block owners will be happy. 

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