Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't you hate it when you forget the tag

Today I was busy out on J Block when I decided to clean a bed ready for reseeding. I was half way through weeding all the young grass out when I realised that some of the larger 'grass' seedlings looked familiar - they were salsify. I remembered then that I had sown salsify seed in there a month or so ago but forgot to put in a tag, I was 'going to get around to it later' *sigh*

 Yesterday I was looking in this pot at the seedlings and wondering what they are. I remember putting some seeds in it in a hurry and thinking I would get a tag later but it never happened. Now I will have to wait a bit longer to see what I planted. Another sigh.

I really have to start wearing my handy waist tool bag again so I always have a tag and pencil ready for these situations. I wonder where I put it?

I must make it a point that I cannot leave a pot or bed without a label, it is too much bother when it doesn't happen.

Today I started dividing my rhubarb. The plants that I grew from commercial seed are such fast growers that they have to be divided every two years or they get too crowded to grow properly.
I made 14 devisions from this two year old plant and I have quite a few more plants to go.

Many of these divisions are being planted by the fence in an out of the way place to grow some new roots then they will be potted up into bags to sell at the local Co-Op shop or at markets.

With the cooler weather and a bit of occasional drizzle they should be ready for sale in a month. These are the fastest growing rhubarb that I have even known, I have two other old varieties of the same age that are not nearly ready to divide yet. I have had to grow new plants of those varieties to sell rather than divisions. Those varieties are 'Victoria' and 'Paragon'. They are both fabulous looking varieties but not nearly so productive.

I will be dividing or replanting all my rhubarb this year which will be a chore but I need to use the space more efficiently so they need to go elsewhere. At least rhubarb is quick to get back into production with a bit of care.


  1. Yep, forgetting the tag is a PITA. Total sympathies. Just wondering what ever happened with your three sisters plantings your wrote about a few months ago? (The beans/corn/cucumber). How did they all bear? Any more plans for sisters plantings for winter, and if so what plants?