Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Damn horseradish and Chilean guava

With such a beautiful day I got lots of weeding done, the clover seedlings are coming up all over the beds. I also did a little research on chufa after yesterdays post and learned a few important things such as why they didn't shoot well this season and that they hardly ever flower.
I found this bit of research on growing chufa that was very informative:

After getting sick of my horseradish spreading everywhere I decided to grow it in a raised bed this time but I just noticed that it is even escaping from this 3 feet tall bed. You just can't keep this stuff under control.
I will have to decide later whether to keep growing it or it it is going to be too much of a pain in the neck to bother with. It is not like it is a good seller anyway.

I spent some time today feasting on some Chilean guava (Ugni molinae) berries. These are delicious and perfectly ripe just now. I did try to grow some plants out in the orchard block but the summer fried them. I should have known better as I know they prefer shade. I will try again when a couple of the trees grow bigger and can provide some shade.
I think I will put in a few cuttings and wait till they can be planted out as I really want to sell these in punnets.

For the next couple of days it will be hovering around 30C but I am hoping that that is the last of the hot weather for the year and I will be able to get some seeds germinated for winter.

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