Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Aphids and melons

It was a beautiful, cool day today so I got a heap of work done. I separated and replanted the rest of my allium beds - walking onions, golden shallots and perennial leeks. I think I will put some of the left overs on Ebay to get rid of them.

I planted some saffron bulbs which I am trying again after killing the first lot I planted last year. They didn't like the sandy soil combined with the heat I think. I also cleaned up a few empty beds ready for fresh planting.

I noticed today that my two beds of young kohlrabi are heavily infested with aphids. I would like to wait for ladybugs to deal with them but I haven't seen any around so I might have to give them a dose of pyrethrum spray.

I don't usually have an aphid problem at this time of the year so it caught me by surprise.

One of my favourite melons is Noir Des Carmes but because of the fruits dark skin they sunburn VERY easily. Some of the fruits have developed outside the shadecloth cover so I covered them over the past few hot days with pumpkin leaves which seems to have worked. Even days of only 25 C can burn these melons.
Last year I made wire and cardboard covers for the individual melons but I couldn't be bothered going over to J block to get them and the leaves worked well as very temporary covers.

They should be starting to ripen in the next week or so. I am already picking a few other melons - 'Apple' and 'Cream of Sascatchewan' watermelon. I can't wait til spring and I try for another big melon season. I probably won't bother with 50 varieties like I did last year but maybe 30 or so might satisfy me.

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