Monday, February 24, 2014

Finger limes

Today while I was doing my daily poking at my finger limes (an Australian native type of citrus) one fell off at last, boy these take a long time to ripen. I immediately took it inside to have a taste.

 They are just as good as I thought. As soon as you cut a ripe one the 'caviar' oozes out. They are not juicy like other citrus but the juice is held in tiny globules which make them great for garnishing.

I placed the caviar on some biscuits. The one below was just plain on a biscuit with butter which was good but it was even better on a piece of cheese or ham.

The taste is definitely limey but not as strong as I expected. YUM.

One curious thing is that being an understory subtropical shrub I was surprised that they were the only tree in my orchard that loved the heat and dryness of this summer. I lost so many trees but all the finger limes, even the little seedlings, lapped up the full sun and are now shooting out with new leaves as well. The other surprise was the way the avocados also survived well with little burning. 

The other fruit on the plant will be ready too so I will have something to impress at the next meeting that I have to bring a plate to.

I also have a desert lime tree and I went to check the fruit but I was a bit too late as it had already dropped during the week. Oh well, next year.

 I picked the first melon of the season this morning, only two months late. I am just about to eat it as soon as I get off the computer.
This is a 'Farthest North'. These are small melons that usually grow and ripen very quickly.

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