Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I have been enjoying today. It is a mild 24C and a great break from the heat, well, until tomorrow when a new heat wave begins. Oh well, every day is a day closer to autumn :)

 As with the melons, I only managed to get a few gourds growing this season, four to be exact. They are starting to set fruit now (sorry about the blurry picture). I wish I had more plants as I love gourds but I will try and get a lot more growing next year.

Everyone is always amazed at what you can do with them and my sales are starting to rise, too bad I don't have any dried gourds left and I won't have much from only 4 plants for the next year.

My water chestnuts are really not liking the heat. Look how small and sick they are. I have 7 tubs of them and they are all just as bad.
Even if I get some chestnuts from them I fear they will be small and useless for eating. I will experiment with having them under shade next summer as there is every possibility that every summer is going to get hotter and dryer.

It looks like I will have to put shadecloth over every be next summer after the success I have had with it this year. At least I should then have a good amount of veg all year round and be able to get seeds germinated in the warmer months.

In other news, I am getting worried about my Bambara beans. They are still not flowering and if they don't start soon it may be too late. After the trouble I had getting them into the country last year I fear that I will not be able to get them again. I really want to grow them as they are drought tolerant and very nutritious.

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