Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hot weather and Merino sales

Sorry I have been so lax with posting lately. Since the weather has been so hot I go out and water before dark so by the time I get back in I am too tired or just forget to come on here.

Yesterday I went down to the nearby small town on Merino to sell some veg from the back of my van. I was happy to sell all of what I took so I might take a bit more next month. The people there are very friendly and happy to have me come with fresh food every month as they only have one shop in the town, a milk bar. Well... it is only a teeny town though.

The heat stress is starting to build up in the veggies now and they are not coping as well as they were so I think I may have a couple of months in autumn with very little to sell. I should have learnt from that last year but I will definately plan for it next year. I was hoping to have heaps of oca to sell in the winter but these scorching days are slowly killing it so that plan is a gonner. I think I will try covering it with 75% shadecloth next year instead of 50%. I hope I don't lose all the bed of cream oca as that is all I have.

That is all the news I have today as I have been stuck in side lately and not able to do any work.

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