Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Funny snake melons/cucumbers and other melon news

Wow, I'm so sorry, 5 days - I am so lazy. Anyway, here is my post for today.

Look at the difference between melons in the open and those grown under shadecloth in these frying summers. It looks like I will be spending up big this year and covering all my beds before next summer gets here. This experiment worked like a charm.

My melons are starting to fruit well now and I still have enough time to get them ripe before frosts. I put in a few more plants on the first of Jan because most of the others I put in November died.

They are powering away now so I should have fruit for the March Hamilton market. I just hope I have enough for the market this coming Saturday, then Merino the next week.
I am going to put in a lot more melons again next season.

If you have been reading this blog you will know that I got some 'melon' seeds from my neighbour (from Afghanistan). I thought they would be sweet melons but they have turned out to be a kind of serpent melon, which are used and taste like cucumber. These are a bit useless though as they are so skinny, and the skin is a bit tough but there is not much flesh left if they are peeled.

I think they would make interesting pickled cucumbers, just one curled up in a jar.

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