Friday, February 21, 2014

Finely - tomatoes!

I put Jack, my newest helper on the bus yesterday. He just wasn't working out and it was better to have him go than end up with bad feelings on both sides. He was only here for a few days but although most helpers are great to have, sometimes your helper just doesn't fit in.
At this time of year it is great to have helpers to do some of the watering as it takes hours but we are having some cooler weather at the moment and even got a half inch of rain which was very welcome, and it is great that I don't have to water for a few days. I know that March can get hot but I am really enjoying this week of lower temps.

At long last I am starting to pick a few tomatoes. There isn't a lot but I have been able to gather a few to sell at the Hamilton market tomorrow.

This is a new one for this year. Oddly named 'Big white pink stripe' it is more yellow with a bit of a pink blush. I sometimes wonder at the people who name vegetables.
The good points are that it is large and solidly meaty. It has a rather acid taste that my mother loves.
The bad points are - it contains hardly any seeds and the plants are very low producing. Maybe that is caused by the hot wether so I hope they produce better in the Autumn.

I have already talked about Mr Stripy. It is a golf-ball sized tomato which tastes better than supermarket tomatoes but is not my favourite as the taste is too uncomplicated. It is bearing profusely though which is a bonus.

I don't have a picture of them but I am also picking current tomatoes which I love. They are tiny and suited to salads or just eating out of hand, and are very sweet.

I haven't got much to take to the market tomorrow but I am even more worried that I won't have enough to take to sales for the next two weekends after that. I have some melons coming on but they may not be ready. At least with this cooler weather I am able to plant all my empty beds with seed with a good chance of it germinating before we get any more hot weather.

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