Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finely, some pumpkins and tomatoes

After a terribly late start I am finely ripening a few pumpkins and tomatoes. I suppose the lateness has been a blessing in a way as I haven't had to waste any during january when the markets have a holiday.

Here is Alex holding a couple of Zohra and a Luxury Winter Pie pumpkin.The plants are suffering in the heat but I hope they stay alive long enough for the cooler weather to arrive and I should get another flush of fruit before the frosts.

With the heat they have stopped flowering and one pumpkin, Silver Edge, grown for its edible seeds, has not put out a single female flower for the second year that I have been growing it. I don't think I will bother with it again.

Some of the first tomatoes to ripen have been Mr Stripey. I am quite disappointed in the taste and even though they look nice with their greenish stripes, I will not be growing it again.

Some of the other tomatoes have been setting some fruit at last but they have been cooking on the plants so I will try to grow all the tomatoes under shadecloth next year.

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