Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whew, a bit of cool - temporarily

With a bit cooler day Alex and I collected a heap of seeds but I can't put them in packets just yet as the newsagent hasn't got my new sticker sheets in for the labels. It often takes them a couple of months to get them in and I have run out earlier than I thought. I will annoy them about my order next week.
We picked various carrot, mangel, parsnip and choi seed. I must remember to get some more containers for the seed next time I go into town.

Yesterday was searing hot with a burning, strong northerly wind which did a lot of damage to the veggies. Not nearly as much as it would have last year without the improvements I have made but snapped off some corn stalks (which are flowering right now) and burnt a lot of leafy veg. I have lost a few fruit trees too which I kind of expected even though I have tried to keep the water up to them.

Yesterday morning I made a small pot of chunky jam from the muntries I picked. It is now almost gone, my mother took a liking to it.

I still have some drying for seed which I will put in packets when I get my sticker sheets.
I am going to put in more plants in the autumn so I don't have to go down to the coast to pick them.

Muntries grow well in the garden and fruit prolifically. They are a great permaculture plant as well as looking good. It always surprises me that they aren't more well known.

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