Sunday, January 12, 2014

Watering and Josephs bush melon

Just got back in from watering two of my blocks. It is hard to stop myself from doing them all each night but I really have to trust to the improvements that I have done to the soil and ease back on the water. I hate the thought of the plants going thirsty but hopefully it will force them to grow their roots deeper. The water bills were so high last year that I really have to watch it more this summer.

Of course, I will have to water them all for the next week while the heat wave is over us or I definitely will lose everything, at least I have a helper, Alex, from Hong Kong, coming tomorrow so that will help a lot. I hope he doesn't get too bored during the day when it is going to be too hot to go outside but I think we will be busy putting seeds in packets as I have been putting that off for far too long. I'm sure he is going to get a shock at the sun-up start though.

Josephs bush melon
Finally a melon that I have been looking forward to is starting to flower. This is a bush melon bred by a home breeder in America. He is a forum friend who does a lot to bring the idea of landrace varieties to attention.
He has not given it a name yet so I think I will just call it 'Josephs Bush'.

It is not a true bush (determinate) melon but the internodes between the leaves are so short that it spreads very little and will be great for small gardens.
Just have to be patient now for the fruit though it might take a while as it probably won't set during this hot weather. I have no idea what the fruit looks like or how big it is so that will be a surprise to come.

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  1. Rained in - I got here from searching for transplanting asparagus, we dug up bins full of 7 year old roots and find no good information on what was actually successful. (Coastal USA)