Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wascally wind

This morning I decided on a whim to head over to the TINY nearby town of Merino and try to sell some veg from the back of my van. There weren't many people around but I sold enough to pay for my fuel and a few cups of hot chocolate from the single store in town (the morning was quite cold) but the people I did see were very enthusiastic and asked me to make it a regular thing so I think I will take my van over on the first Saturday of each month. They said that Saturdays were much busier than today so I won't get rich but it will be a fun new outlet for spare veg.

While I was there a wind storm came up so I packed up and visited a friend there before coming home. I wasn't worried about the wind because there wasn't anything I could to so it wasn't useful to panic.

When I got home I discovered that apart from losing another sunflower and this small patch of seeding mangles blowing over onto the yacon next to them there was no damage at all done.
I was surprised but happy.

At last after many months I have some seedling edible cactus coming up. I thought they were a gonner after so long but it just goes to show that you have to be patient..

Last year I saw a fruiting dragonfruit type of cactus in someones yard so asked them for some cuttings and I also got a couple of fruits.
They were so delicious that I planted the seeds in this pot and I also have a few of the cuttings growing. I am very happy about that.

I have tried to grow dragon fruits but can't get them through the winter as it is too cold for them. I don't know the name or type of this similar cactus but it seemed to be thriving in this ladies yard under a tree so I have big plans for my cuttings and seedlings. I have the cuttings in my little shadehouse but I will transfer them to a bed with shadecloth over them after summer and I might cover some in a plastic cloche over the winter just in case the ones under the shadecloth don't make it.

I had the cuttings in the poly tunnel last winter but I have enough plants now to experiment with. I don't want plants that I have to molly coddle so I will be very pleased if I can get them to survive outside under shelter. I think they will as long as they don't get wet roots as I guess they are prone to rotting.

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