Friday, January 10, 2014

The trouble with being given seeds

My neighbours are from Afghansistan so I was very pleased when they asked if I wanted some melon and pumpkin seeds from their homeland. I know that they have some interesting varieties over there that are hard to get a hold of. They gave me two little plastic bags of seeds, one just called melon and one pumpkin with the variety name 'Zohra'.

 The trouble with getting seeds from people who aren't gardeners is that you never know what you are going to get.
I planted five of each of the seeds and in the melon row I got 3 of what I am guessing will be sweet melons, one serpent melon (a melon that is long like a snake and tastes, and is used like a cucumber), and a gourd of some sort.
Not sure how all those got mixed up!!
What was supposed to be pumpkins (winter squash) are, I am sure are summer squash. I will let them mature but I don't have high hopes for them. I can't sell summer squash here, no-one wants them.

It is a bit disappointing but that is life.

With the scary heat that is coming over the next week or more (45+ C days - 113 F) I am getting very worried about the trees on my fruit block. I thought that they would have had enough time to put out good roots and the soil there holds moisture well, but just about all the trees are already showing signs of severe heat and water stress.

I will water as many as I can tomorrow but I can't get water to them all and it is still 10 weeks till there is much chance of rain and the weather cooling for autumn.
It will be hard to replace all the unusual varieties of fruit trees if they die, I might not even want to take that chance again if the summers are going to continue to be scorching.

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