Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Summer is starting at last

It looks like summer is about to start as it should with all the temperatures for the foreseeable future between 30 and 40 C. I am going to have to mow the lawn tomorrow. It is almost unheard of to be mowing in January, the grass should be dead and brown at this time and we get a few months off mowing. At least this should be the last time until the end of March.

What corn that managed to survive is starting to make tassels. Most of the plants that survived are small and weedy but I have some reasonable sized plants of two varieties that I should at least get some cobs off, Black wax corn and Giant white peruvian sweetcorn.

It was all a bit disappointing but I will buy more seed during the winter and try again next spring. I was so looking forward to having some multi-coloured sweetcorn seed to sell but it will be another year.

This is what the Back block is looking like right now. I am impressed that I am managing to keep it relatively weed free with hand weeding. It has taken two years but I haven't had to use herbicide for at least 6 months and hopefully never again.

The back block is where I trial my experiments and new crops. I am also starting to get an impressive range of alliums in this block which I will have to move to one of the others as they are taking over. The beds in this block are smaller than the others and in 4 rows instead of 3.

I have a new helper coming over on Monday so I will have another pair of hands to get the other blocks under control. He is from Hong Kong (I think) and has plans for making a rooftop garden and wanted to come over for a month to get some small veg farming experience. He is going to get a shock with the heat that is coming.

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