Monday, January 6, 2014

Lost melons found and veggie molds

Each year I start sowing or transplanting my melons when I see the volunteers from last season coming up. This spring there were no volunteers and I put that down to the cold at first and then maybe I was too clean and tidy and picked up all the rotting melons at the end of harvest ... yeah, right, lol.

Well, it is the middle of summer and now there are volunteers popping up everywhere, months after they usually do.

At least now if we get a long enough season I might have a decent harvest of melons as I have lost nearly all of my planted ones.
I don't understand why they are so late. The spring was cool but there were still enough warm days to get them up during those months. I suppose the strange seasons over the last couple of years may have to be put down to global warming and I may have to get used to it, but it will be a but hard if the weather keeps being so very unpredictable.

With the cucumbers finally starting to flower I am able to test out the vegetable molds that I bought last winter. It will be fun.

The box I bought from are just too annoying to use so although they are cheap I think that if I were to buy more I will go with the very expensive ones you can buy elsewhere.

The problem with the fruitmold ones is that instead of being self locking you have to buy and fiddle about with about 20 screws for each one or with the ones in the left picture you have to try and put on all the little caps on the spikes without dropping them while holding the halves closed. For both kinds all the handling means that half the time I was breaking the fruit (tomatoes) off as I was doing it like the one in my hand.
The designs are just too bad to make it worth using them.

At least the ones like the one of the cucumber (top pic) are self locking and there is hardly any handling of the fruit. When the cuke is ready you just pick the fruit and unclip the side. With all the work of the others I would have to charge $10 per fruit just to make the hassle and frustration worthwhile.

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